Hotel Add on

Hotel Add on

Hotel Add on

Beverage and Snack Vouchers

Drink Voucher

1,990 kr

Donut Voucher

700 kr

Offer 1

3,990 kr/per person

Sparkling Wine Glass

Assorted snacks

- Olives, nuts, cheese

- Grilled sourdough bread with cheese and jam

Offer 2: Wine and small bites

OFFER 2: Wine and small bites

Wine glass


1,990 kr/per person

Small Bites


1,100 kr/per bite

Select from the following options :

Mini Le KocK cheeseburger

Chicken grill stick

Grilled prawns

Mini DEIG Donuts (2 pcs)

Smoked lamb tartar on sourdough bread

Gravlax from Hlíð í Ólafsfirði with rye bread

Bagel from DEIG with smoked salmon (1 half per person)

Offer 3

1,990 kr/per person


Mini DEIG Donuts (2 pcs per person)

Assorted cut fruit

Available Locations:

Lobby + Greenhouse (Max 30 persons)

4th-floor Patio (Max 20 persons, weather dependent)

Courtyard (Max 80 persons, available on a quote basis)

Order Information:

Orders should be sent to with a minimum of 4 weeks in advance

66°North Wool Hat

5,500 kr

66°North Wash Bag

6,000 kr

66°North Fleece Gloves

7,500 kr

Additional gift ideas:

OMNOM chocolate

900 kr

900 kr

The Heart of Reykjavík Book

2,900 kr

2,900 kr

Water Bottle

4.200 kr

4.200 kr

Feel free to bring your own gift, and we'll happily arrange it in the room for your guests' arrival. The price for this room drops service is 500 kr per room.